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Something had to Change

As sales executives we’ve all witnessed the unfortunate shift in corporate America. For years now, it has been all too common to see smart, capable, high performing sales pros, perhaps a lot like you, being dismissed due to mergers, acquisitions, changes in direction or some other reason beyond your control.  This unfortunate shift as we call it represents a total collapse of a sales method that once worked but now doesn’t – at least not for the sales pro anyway.    

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Responding to this shift, many displaced or disillusioned sales pros have entered the “gig” economy- and find themselves jumping from one consulting project to the next. Perhaps you or others you know have decided to assume manu­facturer’s rep or obsolete 1099 jobs- and are constantly experiencing the limits and frustrations of having just one brand to represent and one market in which to sell. In any case, these alternatives are only stop-gaps with virtually none of them offering you true self-governance, pride in ownership or long-term professional pathways.  And, as we all know, in these hired-gun roles you always feel isolated, expendable and far from a priority.

The Shift, The Response and the Emergence of the Sales Entrepreneur


The shift has been sweeping and profound. No matter if it’s for cost cutting, regaining control or for some other reason, corporate America continues to place undue quota and reporting pressures on their sales teams- to the point where the job is no longer fun or even interesting. So, as informed Sales pros we realize that we can’t reverse the shift, instead we have to focus on our response. Most, if not all of us in Sales have an entrepreneur’s DNA. We’re driven and like to take charge – we want to own the problem, the solution, the whole thing…. Carpe Diem, right?      

Envoy America, developed by Oralogix, LLC a health­care consultancy in Laguna Beach, CA is a smart sales alternative created for in­dividuals who are top-shelf Sales pros but, due to corporate volatility have been displaced or found their roles eliminated. Envoys (as they are called) are Sales Entrepreneurs, who enjoy the same curiosities, goals and personal drive found in the most successful franchisees across America.

Under this Oralogix supported program Envoys operate as field sales reps, but now for themselves- not a boss, a company or stockholders. Unlike the career alternatives of old, Envoy America is a true, permanent alternative for those with entrepreneurial DNA. Folks who want more than the endless spiral of short-term gigs or yet another revolution in a corporate sales grinder.

Envoy America has been endorsed by progressive sales thinkers in competitive, discretionary care markets and has been called a fresh, on-trend business opportunity cre­ated for a A) specific person and B) a point in time.

The question now being- is this person YOU and is this point in time NOW?

“For the most part Sales models in professional markets have remained stagnant. This has resulted in a number of talented, enterprising Sales pros opting out of historical sales roles. Instead, they are actively pursuing career alternatives that can provide greater opportunity and freedom. I think the franchise inspired (Envoy America) model is a prime expression of this movement and is worthy of their consideration.”   


Robert Maccario- CEO, Dental Management Sciences

It Gets Better- introducing the Social Zone

In 2023 Oralogix LLC introduced a new healthcare concept called Full Face Fitness- a health and lifestyle driven specialty focused on the vitality of what we call the Social Zone (mouth, lips, face, neck and upper chest). Without exception, the Social Zone, in its entirety, is the area of our bodies most responsible for human expression, communicating our values, and revealing who we are inside.  With its focus on the Social Zone, Oralogix teams up with like-minded manufacturers and problem solvers with the aim of curating smart, actionable solutions for practice owners and related businesses in two standout categories: Practice Growth and Risk Mitigation.    

What results, for you, the Envoy is a greatly expanded set of call points, increased income potential, a defined sense of purpose and a value proposition that is completely unique in market.

Note: Envoys, as Sales Entrepreneurs, have the freedom to select which Oralogix solutions they want to promote as well as the healthcare specialties they wish to serve. The Envoy America opportunity is self-paced, flexible, stable and completely driven by you.

No matter your choice of products or hours of involvement, you will be celebrated and supported by the franchise industry inspired Envoy Enrichment Center – a subsidiary of Oralogix LLC dedicated to the success of its revered Sales Entrepreneur partners.  

Come Join the Movement

Full Face Fitness is “what’s next” in healthcare and modern lifestyle. Envoy America represents a rare opportunity to be your own boss- without having to invest in costly infrastructures or trying to sell commoditized products by themselves with no mechanism separating you from the competition. As Full Face Fitness spreads across the United States you, the true Sales Entrepreneur can be part of one of the most talked about genres in health, wellness and consumer care.

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