The inspiration behind Full Face Fitness came a few years ago when Oralogix founder Robert Riggs noticed, while attending a cosmetic dentistry meeting that all of the patient cases presented by the experts that weekend showed dramatic improvement to the individual smiles with no improvement whatsoever to the surrounding facial or peri-oral tissues.

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While the dentistry was admirable the stark contrast and visual imbalance created- between the patient’s newly revitalized teeth and the completely unattended to face & neck tissue was glaring.

In fact, so revealing was this experience that it became the inspiration for Full Face Fitness – today, the newest and most exciting sub-specialty in holistic health completely dedicated to the wellness and overall vitality of an individual’s Social Zone. The Social Zone is that part of our bodies comprised of- Lips, Face, Neck and Upper Chest. Notwithstanding the physical functions of these important structures the tissues of the Social Zone are responsible for expression, communicating our values and demonstrating our outward persona.