Generally speaking, healthcare is fragmented and not at all consumer friendly. Full Face Fitness, by contrast is an integrated approach to healthcare, enabling practice owners the ability to offer a holistic, market friendly menu of services for their patient’s entire Social Zone. At Oralogix we define the Social Zone as the whole physical area encompassing:

  • Mouth – Oral care including, teeth, periodontium, and function & comfort of the TMJ

  • Lip –Repair and maintenance of the vermillion tissue and boarder

  • Face – Anti-aging treatments for the peri-oral structures, including: jaw, mid-face, forehead and scalp

  • Neck- Skin, cervical spine

  • Upper Chest- hard and soft tissues of the anterior and posterior shoulder area to including skin, muscle, tendon, and bone


Case in point – in dental practice, aesthetic dentistry is now table stakes, with nearly every practitioner staking a claim to this specialty. By embracing the emerging genre of Full Face Fitness, the progressive practitioner has the opportunity (and the skill) to go bigger- expanding beyond the vermillion border™. Instead of just another cosmetic dentist, the (now) Social Zone Specialist becomes decidedly more attractive to today’s healthcare consumer- whom, as we now know seeks convenience, safety, clean spaces, natural products and holistic approaches (to almost everything). Full Face Fitness is completely on-trend and 100% market driven. It represents a distinct opportunity for the smart, forward thinking practice owner- a healthcare entrepreneur ready and willing to capitalize on the next blue ocean**. 

** Kim Chan W. and Mauborgne, Renee, 2004. Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant. Harvard Business Review