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Today, it’s all about integrated care and holistic approaches. Full Face Fitness is the embodiment of this new, integrative mindset. Generally speaking, consumers of discretionary healthcare prioritize looking younger, feeling vital, and being proud of what they see in the mirror. These affirmations and subsequent wants often begin with how your patient’s view their whole Social Zone - not just a single independent feature or attribute. We define the Social Zone as that consumer-focused area comprising upper chest, shoulders, neck, mouth, and face.


Without exception, the Social Zone is the physical area most responsible for human expression, communicating our values, and revealing our outward persona.  If your business offers clinical, laboratory or other support services anywhere in this physical space then you are already a Social Zone specialist. When you evaluate and treat patients, taking into consideration the harmony and balance of the whole Social Zone-  using an integrative mindset you are practicing Full Face Fitness.        

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