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As a healthcare entrepreneur we applaud you. It would be our pleasure to send you some practical yet exciting information so you can determine for yourself if this new paradigm in partnership is right for you. Click HERE or call us today, Toll Free

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As a healthcare entrepreneur we know that you do everything you can for your patients during their regular office visits. We firmly believe that such high level care results in loyalty, happiness and good business.

Building upon this success, wouldn’t it be nice to integrate a professionally Guided Self-CareTM* regimen that could continue your brand and personal touch beyond the lobby door? Further, what if such a possibility included a robust affiliate program availing you to a suite of powerful, easy to use tools for both practice and personal growth. What if you had all this at your fingertips- right now?

Introducing the Oralogix AllianceTM* – a new paradigm in partnership. When you join the Oralogix Alliance you become part of a network of like minds – each enjoying free passage to an array of practice enhancements that keep your practice strong, balanced and personally rewarding.


Benefits enjoyed include:

  • 100% turnkey product merchandising plans

  • Alphaeon patient procedure financing

  • Dental Concierge®** “True” membership programs

  • And more

*Oralogix Alliance and Guided Self-Care are trademarks of Oralogix LLC

**Dental Concierge is a registered trademark of Dental Management Sciences